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The Glasgow branch of Unison passed the following resolution at its recent meeting.

Glasgow City Council by its action has severely tarnished the professional reputation of all staff who have worked at Kerelaw. This has also led in many cases to their personal lives being shattered.

Unison accepts that everyone who works in Social Services requires to have their practice scrutinised at all times but GCC have not done this in the case of Kerelaw. Instead they have scapegoated these staff in the absence of evidence or justification and they should be held to account for such dangerous behaviour.

Rather than being attacked the staff at Kerelaw should be respected for the work they did in trying to improve the lives of the many young people whom they looked after when their families, communities and in many cases the rest of social work had given up on them. This was all done against a background of inadequate resources and external support

This meeting requests that UNISON take any actions required (including legal action) to hold Glasgow City Council accountable for the unwarranted, unnecessary, and untold distress they have inflicted upon our membership at Kerelaw Residential School.

Such action against GCC should be aimed at allowing the staff who worked in Kerelaw who are innocent of any wrongdoing to reclaim their professional status within Social Services in Scotland and allow them to go forward in their personal lives. If necessary Unison should join with others in pursuit of these aims.

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