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THE wife jailed after she cried rape had falsely accused a man before, her mother said yesterday. Jane Nordhaug said she was shocked by the 12-month sentence handed out on Monday to Merette Underwood, below. Underwood, 32, who is Norwegian, invented the rape story to cover up a one-night stand and fool husband Toby. Mum Jane said: “There has been a lot of trouble with many boys in the past. It is not the first time she has cried rape. It happened here about 10 years ago. “Mrs Nordhaug, speaking from Fauske in Norway, said police found no firm evidence. She added: “They dropped the investigation. All the problems with her different boyfriends have led to psychological problems for my daughter. “I talked to her last Saturday and she did not mention it was this serious. But I knew there was some kind of trouble. “She now wants Underwood transferred to a Norwegian prison. Mrs Nordhaug said: “It is so expensive to fly to England, so I don’t know if I can afford to see her.”I am not mad or angry with her. I just feel sorry for her.”Underwood was sentenced in London for lying to police over a sex session with an interior designer she met in a bar. She had left husband Toby and her two-year-old son in another pub.Meanwhile, builder Kevin Blakey, 36, who has been living with Underwood in Sussex, plans to wait for her release – then take her to Norway “away from all this”.

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