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Innocent 14 year old made to sign sex offenders register



A 14-year-old Midland schoolgirl was forced to sign the sex offenders’ register after being wrongly convicted of indecently assaulting a young boy in a paddling pool.Magistrates found Shelly – who was 12 at the time of the allegations – guilty of abusing the nine year-old child last June.But just six weeks later she was cleared on appeal at Crown Court.During this period she was forced to visit a police station and sign the same sex offenders’ register as rapists and paedophiles.And although Shelly has now been found innocent, her ordeal of being wrongly labelled a sex offender is far from over.Local youths have called her a rapist and she has been physically attacked, the windows of her home have been smashed and vile graffiti about her has been daubed around her council estate….

IC Birmingham