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Teachers in Wales say "please do more to protect us"



TWO teachers who became nationally known after facing malicious allegations of assault say they still do not believe enough is being done to help staff who are falsely accused of attacking pupils.Marje Evans and Adrian Wells work in different Welsh schools, and had different experiences of false allegations being brought against them.But they were both the subjects of high-profile cases and agree that teachers are still cruelly exposed by pupils who make false claims of sexual or physical assault.Mrs Evans, headmistress of St Mary’s Junior School in Caldicot, was suspended for 18 months from autumn 1999 after allegations that she mistreated pupils.Mr Wells, a maths teacher at Ysgol Penglais, a secondary school in Aberystwyth, faced accusations of assault during the same autumn term.They both say that even five years later, teachers still find it hard to prove their innocence.

IC Wales – Western Mail