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Falsey Accused Liverpool Cop Cleared



A FORMER police detective was today cleared of rape after five years in jail.David Potter, 50, formerly from Huyton, broke down in tears as the judge at London’s court of appeal quashed the conviction.The father-of-two, (pictured), was jailed in 1998 for nine years after being found guilty of raping his ex-lover.She claimed Mr Potter, then a detective with Merseyside police, bound, gagged and raped her. She alleged he then carried out another sexual assault.But today the court heard evidence from headmaster Mr X, who said the woman introduced him to the same sex acts which formed the basis of the rape allegation she made against Mr Potter.The court heard the headmaster had a fling with the woman before she said Mr Potter raped her in 1994.After the conviction was quashed Mr Potter, now living in the south of England, said: “I have been cleared and I am overjoyed about that.”It is like waking up from the worst nightmare anyone could ever imagine….

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