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Teacher cleared over taping pupils' mouths calls for 'common sense'



A teacher cleared of assault after taping the mouths of noisy pupils yesterday called for a return to “common sense” in schools as she described how her actions had been deliberately distorted by her accusers. Bridget Tarwala, 53, a respected teacher for more than 20 years, was suspended and subjected to an “undignified” police investigation after a “light-hearted” joke with an art class of nine-year-olds in February this year.Last week the case against the supply teacher from Australia was dropped and costs awarded to her after one girl told a court that the incident at Worting Junior School in Basingstoke, Hampshire, had been “funny” and not upsetting.District Judge John Woollard apologised to Miss Tarwala over the treatment she had received as he dismissed the case, “that should never have been brought”, from Alton Magistrates Court….

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