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Nightmare over for falsely accused school worker



A school worker cleared of indecently assaulting three pupils has been given his job back after an impassioned plea in the Evening Mail.Roger Edgecox, of Beaufort Avenue, Ward End,has beentoldbythe school in Sutton Cold-field that he is welcome back at the start of the new term in September.The 55-year-old school technician would only confirm that he has got his job back and declined to talk further about the case.”I’m sorry, I cannot comment on this,” he said.A spokesman for Birmingham Education Authority confirmed that Mr Edgecox would be back at work at the start of the school year.”Mr Edgecox’s suspension has been lifted following the conclusion of the child protection investigation,” he said.”He is expected back at work on September 1.”Earlier this month he was cleared by a jury at Birmingham Crown Court of three charges of indecent assault relating to December last year….

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