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Put CCTV in classrooms to protect teachers, says MP



A MERSEYSIDE MP has called for CCTV to be installed in all school classrooms to cut the number of false allegations made against teachers.Claire Curtis-Thomas, MP for Crosby and Formby, spoke out as chairwoman of an all-party group investigating claims of mistreatment of pupils and said that cameras were the way forward.The call comes as the number of accusations against teaching staff continues to soar and the conviction rate has fallen. Unions claim that teachers have even committed suicide over false claims.Mrs Curtis-Thomas said: “There have been quite a number of people in my constituency and the rest of Merseyside that have been investigated over allegations of child abuse in schools.”Some have been convicted and some acquitted with some still waiting on their appeals, but that is how I became involved in this group.”We’re looking not at individual cases but at how the process is handled and how we can improve that.”The National Association for Schoolmasters and Union of Women Teachers says that, of 1,800 members who were accused of some form of child abuse in schools in the past decade, the conviction rate now stands at only 2%….

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