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Satanic abuse claims discredited



Last October several people were arrested for Satanic abuse. Angry mobs terrorised the charged people, frightening their children as well. One man had his house burnt out. The police did little to protect these people, accused of raping young girls. You might be tempted to say, who cares about some child rapists? Except that after 8 months the charges were quietly dropped. Along with the charges was a civil case by the social services, also dropped. The parents are considering suing the police. Once again we have a case of social services charging in like the cavalry to save everyone from the Indians (aka native Americans) and shooting the civilians instead. Once again questionable investigation techniques appear to have been used and a social services determined to believe anything no matter how thin the evidence. No sign of an apology or even an explanation. The social services haven’t learnt from last time. It seems like they apply an attitude of man=guilty and woman=innocent and will suspect men of anything with no proof but when the reverse is true, a woman is the central character, no amount of evidence will convince them of her guilt until it is too late. Only when they get past this attitude will they actually start to find the real abusers….

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