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Innocent school worker considered ending his life



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A school worker, who was this week cleared of indecently assaulting three pupils, tonight exclusively tells of his living nightmare as he awaited trial.

A Birmingham school technician today told how he was pushed to the brink of suicide after being falsely accused of indecently assaulting three girl pupils. Fighting back tears, 55-year-old Roger Edgecox told how he had driven down a motorway and considered deliberately crashing into a lorry to put an end to his torment.

“That was my lowest ebb – I thought my life was over,” said Mr Edgecox, of Beaufort Avenue, Ward End, who was cleared of all three charges by Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday.

“I just couldn’t see how this nightmare was going to end. I knew I was innocent, but I didn’t know how I could convince the court of that.”But I know if I’d have gone like that, people would have said ‘See, he did do it’, and I would never have been able to clear my name and my 92-year-old mum, and the rest of my family, would have had to deal with that.”

The Birmingham City fan is currently still suspended from the Sutton Coldfield school where he had worked for four years. Mr Edgecox decided to speak out because he believes suspected sex attackers should be given anonymity – something Harriet Harman, the solicitor general, ruled out this week…

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