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Women jailed for false allegation



IT IS hard to imagine anything more devastating than to be wrongly accused of a crime. We can only begin to imagine the consequences. The loss not only of a good name and reputation but the potential to lose even more, including your job. Worse still when the false allegation made concerns rape. Of all offences, this is one of the most repugnant and the most destructive for any woman. But for a man wrongly accused of such a crime, the repercussions can be huge. A 24 year old Sheepridge man has just discovered that to his cost. When a woman claimed that she had been attacked near where he worked, he was arrested, put in a cell and kept in custody for more than 30 hours. He lost his job and was abused by a group of men who called him a rapist. One of them attacked him. And having suffered all of that, it was discovered that not only had the man not been guilty of raping the woman in question, there had in fact been no crime at all…

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