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Coventry teacher and FACT member cleared of abuse



A Coventry school teacher has spoken of his huge relief after walking free from court with 13 indecent assault convictions on children quashed.Guy Perry, 50, was jailed for 18 months and placed on the Sex Offenders’ register for 10 years when he was sentenced in January.But yesterday three judges sitting in the London Court of Appeal overturned the convictions and told Mr Perry he could walk away without a stain on his character.Lord Justice Kay sitting with Mr Justice Hedley and Mr Justice Curtis highlighted clear deficiencies in summing up in the original case.This morning the father-of-two was enjoying his first few hours back in his Tile Hill home and coming to terms with his freedom.He said: “It’s just such a relief after all this time – after the hearing I felt 10ft tall.”It has been very difficult for my family but the thing that has really kept me going is their support and the support of my friends and colleagues.”All of that has helped to buoy me up through the last few months.”I have been teaching for 28 years but all the good references seemed to count for nothing – it was just a kick in the teeth.”But I’m not a bitter person – I don’t feel a great deal of bitterness towards the people who put me where I was.”Mr Perry spent last night at his Broad Lane home with his wife Liz and his son.Their 21-year-old daughter Rachel comes home from Swansea University to join the celebrations this weekend.Mr Perry intends to spend time with his family and enjoying his reclaimed freedom in the coming weeks.The dramatic appeal followed a nine-day trial at Coventry Crown Court in December when a jury heard how Mr Perry had fondled and touched girl pupils in an inappropriate manner.He was sentenced on January 9 and his defence team lodged an immediate appeal.Yesterday’s court hearing lasted two hours while the three judges reviewed the case and finally reached their decision. [Mark Balow Barrister]

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