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For Sally Clarke things have got worse since she was freed and acquitted



BREAKING her silence for the first time, Sally Clark tells today how her wrongful conviction for murdering her two baby sons has destroyed her life. In a frank and moving account of her three years and 81 days in prison, Mrs Clark reveals to The Times her fears that she may never recover. She admits “I have been so damaged by what happened. I am a different person. I can’t cope. Things have got worse, not better.” As she tries to rebuild her family life, Mrs Clark confesses: “I am devastated that I seem to be going backwards.” She describes her daily anguish in bringing up her son, Tom, but says that she is determined to ensure that no other mother has to suffer the same miscarriage of justice. The long fight to clear her name, led by her husband, Steve, has had a devastating effect on her health. “I am not the person he married,” she says in the book Stolen Innocence: A Mother’s Fight for Justice, which The Times is serialising, starting today. The once-confident solicitor can no longer bear to be in crowds, nor risk going alone to pick up Tom, 5, from school.

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