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Mothers for justice: women say militant fathers are creating a climate of fear



They see themselves as modern-day suffragettes, engaging in high-profile peaceful protests to raise public awareness of their battle for equality with the opposite sex.And in throwing a flour-filled condom at the Prime Minister, the Fathers4Justice campaign has once again propelled the issue of custody rights to the front pages and re-ignited the debate over how the courts deal with family break-ups.Since the group was formed 18 months ago, it claims its ranks have now swollen to more than 6,000 men, driven to direct action by frustration with the family court system and desper- ation to see their children.But lawyers, women’s groups and even other fathers’ rights organisations were offering a rather different perspective yesterday. They said Fathers4Justice was doing little to help its own cause and had created a climate of fear and intimidation around what is already a highly charged topic…