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Teachers rap false claims



Teachers’ lives are being made a nightmare because of a growing number of false accusations by pupils of abuse and assault, it was claimed today.Classroom staff are coming under severe pressure because of an “increasing awareness” by schoolchildren of the power and threat they pose, often with backing from parents.The harrowing picture was painted by a West Midlands teaching union leader who has called for better protection for members of his profession.Sam Bechler, national executive member of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in the Black Country, said: “There have been too many instances where children can make any accusation they like about a teacher.”Children have no case to answer. They can make accusations and get away with it.”Even if it’s found out that the child has told lies they will not be punished, but it is totally different for a teacher.”As soon as they are accused, they are most likely to be suspended and this has a damaging effect on teachers’ careers.”

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