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False Accusations Spawns New Course [USA]



False Accusations Spawn New Course Of Study Sunday April 04, 2004 11:58am Charleston (AP) – A College of Charleston psychology professor falsely accused of downloading child pornography onto his computer last year has created a class to teach students about hunting down criminals.Robin Bowers will teach the college’s first forensic psychology course this May that melds psychology and criminal justice in a field with an array of applications.His interest in helping students figure out the clinical and psychological aspects of the law grew out of suddenly finding himself on the other side of the law last year.Bowers says he almost felt like leaving the college, but he was encouraged to stay to create the course.He says he gets some satisfaction knowing that whoever made the false allegation will see that, rather than destroying him, it had the positive effect of creating a course that will stir students’ interests in science and critical thinking.
ABC news USA