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Woman makes false complaint of rape



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When she was questioned by Exeter detectives yesterday she said she had made it all up. She originally told police she was attacked in the Wonford park on Monday, April 7, and gave a description of her attacker. Shortly afterwards a 30-year-old Exeter man was arrested. He was later released without charge.

Detective Sergeant Pete Jones, of Exeter CID, said: “We are now satisfied there was not a rape on that night.” A decision will be made in due course as to what action, if any, will be taken with regard to the false complaint. “Det Sgt Jones said he was keen to reassure women in Exeter, who may have been frightened by what was alleged to have happened, that there was not a rapist on the loose.

Officers temporarily cordoned off the area behind Chestnut Avenue for forensic examination after the allegation was made. Around half-a-dozen officers carried out a fingertip search of the scene and door-to-door inquiries were carried out. Police received a series of calls from members of the public who believed they had seen a man with dreadlocks, matching the description given by the woman.

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