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Welsh child sex abuse investigation grows



More than 60 detectives are now involved in Operation Goldfinch, the investigation into allegations of abuse in children’s homes across south Wales. Several hundred former residents of about 50 homes, many of which have since closed, are being interviewed by police.  The inquiry is expected to last at least another year. Most of the allegations relate to the 1970s and 1980s and so far 13 people, mostly former care workers, have been arrested and some have been charged. Detective chief inspector Gareth Tinnuche, who heads the inquiry, said: “We anticipate investigating more allegations of abuse and that Operation Goldfinch will continue throughout 1999. “The operation had its roots in an inquiry into the former Taff Vale children’s home in Cardiff.  Other homes that have been named in allegations include the St Athan’s Boys Village, Headlands in Penarth, Crosslands in Cardiff, and Bryn-y-Don, near Cardiff

Source: Community Care