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    Historical Allegations often surface during retirement and can go back decades, making them very difficult to defend.

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If you have just been wrongfully accused read ‘I have been falsely accused, what happens next?’ and phone our HELPLINE on 0800 009 6843

Calls to the helpline will be answered by a firm of solicitors. These solicitors specialise in bespoke defence legal services to professionals and those in public positions of responsibility who are vulnerable to accusations of criminal

If this is not the support you are looking for then please email the Secretary of FACT at factuksec@gmail.com

FACT abhors abuse of children and adults whether sexual, physical or emotional. However not all allegations of abuse are true, false allegations may be made for a variety of reasons and are not necessarily made maliciously. Wrongful allegations have a devastating effect on the falsely accused and their families. The accused can lose their reputations, their careers, their health and even their freedom. When an allegation of child abuse is made there is always a victim, either the complainant or the accused. Watch the following video to understand the terrible harm suffered by victims of wrongful allegations of child abuse or sexual assault.

‘I have never visited the GP so many times in my life. I went into a state of shock for some weeks after my arrest… I suffered from depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harming, fear, immense anger against the police and my accuser and anger at the lack of support from anyone in authority … I suffer stress-related physical pain and shaking. Nightmares. I was very close to suicide on at least three occasions.’
From The Impact of Being Wrongly Accused of Abuse in Occupations of Trust: Victims’ Voices



We are here to offer support to people who presently or have previously worked in positions of trust and who are victims of wrongful allegations of abuse. There are many ways in which we provide this support, you can find out more about what we do here.

“my wife …. was really touched with how kind everyone was and how welcome everyone made her feel. It was the first time she hasn’t felt alone in this awful situation.” (Comment made by a member whose wife attended our conference)



Here you can access important material concerning the background to wrongful allegations and how to cope with them.

Presumed Guilty: A FACT Briefing document

The Oxford University Study, ‘The Impact of Being Wrongly Accused Accused of Abuse in Occupations of Trust; Victims Voices’

Coping strategies used by FACT members suffering a false allegation of child abuse (2018)

The Henriques Report on Operation Midland

FACTion, our magazine


Here are some articles that provide further information concerning the phenomenon of wrongful allegations.

Why it is too easy for innocent people to be wrongly accused of sexual abuse (originally published by the Justice Gap, written by Dr Ros Burnett)

How do wrongful allegations happen?

How common are wrongful allegations?

A list of over 240 wrongful allegations made in 2017

The phenomenon of false memories.


You can find a list of related organisations here.
‘Unfounded’ campaigns on behalf of the wrongfully accused and needs your support.

You do not need to suffer alone, call our HELPLINE on 0800 009 6843 or email us at factuksec@gmail.com

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